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ParkRDU Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction
This document sets out the Terms and Conditions that apply to those individuals parking in or making a booking using the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority’s (the “Authority”) online booking system to park in one of the Authority owned/operated ParkRDU facilities.  When you are booking a reservation or entering a ParkRDU facility, you are acknowledging and accepting these Term and Conditions, referred to hereafter as “Terms & Conditions,” and you accept that a contract is formed between us on these Terms and Conditions.

2. Changes to Terms & Conditions
The Authority reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time.  When Terms & Conditions are amended, they will be displayed on our website.  Please ensure that you check the Terms & Conditions posted at RDU.com at the time of booking and/or prior to entering into a ParkRDU facility.

3. General
You must:
(a) Collect and retain the parking ticket issued upon entry to the ParkRDU facility; or
(b) If you entered the ParkRDU facility by presenting your credit card and did not collect a ticket or one was not issued to you, ensure that the same credit card is made available at the time your vehicle exits the ParkRDU facility; or
(c) If you entered the ParkRDU facility by presenting a Quick Response (QR) code generated by the Authority, ensure that the same QUICK RESPONSE (QR) code is made available at the time your vehicle exits the ParkRDU facility; or
(d) If you entered the ParkRDU facility by using an Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) credential, ensure that the same AVI is used to exit the ParkRDU facility.
You must pay the applicable fee for your use of the ParkRDU facility prior to or at the time of exit.  ParkRDU facility parking fees are calculated on an hourly basis (online products may be daily) from the time of entry.

4. Exiting a ParkRDU Facility
The Authority may not permit your vehicle to exit the ParkRDU facility until:
(a) A valid parking ticket is presented to the attendant and the applicable fee is paid;
(b) A valid parking ticket is accepted by automated payment machine and the applicable fee is paid;
(c) A valid QUICK RESPONSE (QR) code is accepted by an exit verifier device;
(d) A valid parking ticket is accepted by an exit verifier device and the applicable fee is paid;
(e) A valid Authority parking credential is presented to the attendant or accepted by an exit verifier device;
(f) A valid parking ticket is accepted by an attendant, automated payment machine, or an exit verifier device together with an accepted and valid credit card;
(g) If you have entered the ParkRDU facility by presenting your credit card (or AVI device) and did not receive a ticket, the same credit card (or AVI device) is accepted by the exit verifier device; or
(h) If you have misplaced the parking ticket issued to you on entry or do not have the same credit card that was used to enter the ParkRDU facility, please proceed to a parking cashier lane.  Staff will verify your entry date and time using the parking systems recorded data and charge the associated parking fee. 

5. Online Booking System
The Authority provides an online booking system called ParkRDU.com by which you may book a parking space at any of our owned/operated ParkRDU facilities (a “Booking”).  The Authority does not guarantee that the online booking system will be available at all times, nor does it guarantee a specific parking space.
When you have submitted a request using the online booking form on the Authority’s website, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking and a receipt of payment.  Your Booking is not complete until such time as the booking confirmation is received.
The Authority reserves the right to limit the number of Bookings per person and per ParkRDU facility or the number of ParkRDU spaces available for booking via the online booking system.

6. No Resale of Online Booking
You will not, and will not attempt to, resell or market any ParkRDU Booking, whether on its own or bundled with other products or services without the Authority’s express written consent.  Reselling would result in the cancellation of the online Booking without refund.

7. Online Booking Purchase Price and Payment
The purchase price quoted by the online booking system is fixed only when you complete your Booking.  Until Booking is completed, quoted prices may vary depending on time of Booking and availability.
The purchase price quoted by the online booking system does not include any overstays (days stayed in excess of the days purchased online in advance). For overstays, you will be charged at the Authority’s current posted parking rates.
When you provide your credit card details to complete your online Booking, you are authorizing the Authority to charge your credit card in the amount of the quoted purchase price.
The Authority may, from time to time, offer discounted or promotional rates for use in its ParkRDU facilities.  These discounts or promotions may be subject to additional limitations, terms and conditions as advised at the time of Booking.  All such discounts and promotions are subject to limited availability depending on availability and demand of ParkRDU spaces, and the Authority reserves the right to add or remove ParkRDU spaces to or from the promotion, or to vary, amend or cancel promotional rates at any time.
Not all discounts or promotions will be available via the online booking system.  Conversely, some promotions may be exclusive to the online booking system.

8. Online Booking Period & ParkRDU Facilities
All Bookings may be bought or changed up to 24 hours in advance of entry to any ParkRDU facility.
If your stay at any ParkRDU facility is shorter than the period covered by your Booking, you may contact the Authority to obtain a refund for the unused portion of your original Booking.
In the event of an airline flight cancellation or delay at the beginning of your Booking period that affects your day of departure, you may contact the Authority to modify your original Booking with no penalty.
If your vehicle is parked in a ParkRDU facility for any time outside the Booking period (e.g. if you arrive early or leave late) you will be charged for the time outside of the Booking period at the Authority’s current posted parking rates.  These rates may vary from the rates quoted by the online booking system.

9. Arrival and Exit at the ParkRDU Facility with an Online Booking
The Authority does not issue its standard ticket at the parking entry gate if you are entering with an online Booking.  You will receive a Quick Response (QR) code at the time of the online Booking to use at the device bar code reader located at the parking entry gate.  When you arrive at the appropriate ParkRDU facility, you must present the QUICK RESPONSE (QR) code provided with your Booking receipt to the entry device.  When exiting the ParkRDU facility, you must use the same QUICK RESPONSE (QR) code that was used upon entry.
There is a two (2) hour grace period for entry before your online Booking scheduled entry time.  If you arrive before this entry grace period, you will be charged the length of the stay before the grace period at the Authority’s current posted parking rates (these rates may vary from the rates quoted via the online booking system) and you will not be entitled to a refund or credit on those charges.

10. Online Booking and ParkRDU Capacity
In the unlikely event that the ParkRDU facility you have booked has been closed and we cannot locate a space in that facility, the Authority will issue a full refund of your online Booking charges and locate an alternative parking space for you.

11. Online Booking Cancellations, Changes and Refunds
Your ability to make cancellations, changes, and to receive a refund may vary depending on the type of your Booking.  Cancellations and amendments may be made to your Booking by clicking “Manage My Booking” and selecting the relevant option/s.
You may cancel your Booking at any time up to 24 hours before the beginning of the Booking period (your Booking arrival time) and receive a full refund.
When changing a Booking and the purchase price for the new requested Booking period or product exceeds the purchase price for the original Booking, you will be required to pay the difference between these amounts. When the purchase price for the new requested Booking period or product is less than the purchase price for the original Booking, you will be refunded the difference between these amounts.
From time to time, the Authority may offer special promotional parking rates.  These rates are based on a specific set of arrival and departure times.  Bookings at these rates can be cancelled as described above, but cannot be changed.  If cancelled, you can make a new reservation at the ParkRDU rates then currently available.

12. Privacy
In order to process an online Booking, the Authority will collect and store personal information including your name, address, phone number, email, credit card information and license plate number.  Such information will be collected and retained for the purposes of completing your online Booking and may also be used for promotional, marketing, publicity, and research purposes (including updates, research, newsletters and promotional offers).  Your use of the Authority online booking system and/or ParkRDU facilities indicates your consent to receive such materials.
The Authority will not provide any individual with access to your credit card information at any time.  The Authority is subject to the public records requirements of the North Carolina Statutes and may be required to release any other information it holds about you upon request unless there is a statutory exception that allows the Authority to refuse to release that information.  The Authority takes all reasonable steps to protect the personal information that the Authority has under its control.

13. Large/Heavy Vehicles
The Authority has vehicle height restrictions based on the physical limitations of the Park Central and the Park Premier facilities.  The Park Central facility accepts small cars and light vehicles up to seven and a half (7 ½) feet in height and no longer than twenty (20) feet in length.  The Park Premier facility accepts small cars and light vehicles up to nine (9) feet in height and no longer than twenty (20) feet in length.  Please contact the Authority Parking Department at 919-840-7590 or at rduparking@rdu.com  if you wish to make special arrangements to park a larger vehicle.  Oversize vehicle parking is available in the Authority’s Park Economy facilities.

14. Indemnity
You agree to indemnify the Authority against any claim, loss or damage the Authority may suffer associated with your use of ParkRDU online Booking or any Authority facility, arising out of your negligence, intentional act or failure to act, or your breach of these Terms & Conditions.  This indemnification includes any costs of defense, expenses, fees, penalties, and charges, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees.

15. Limitation of Liability
In addition to any limitations or exclusions within the Authority’s Terms & Conditions of entry to any ParkRDU facility and otherwise to the extent permitted by law, the Authority’s total liability to you will be limited to a refund of the purchase price of the ParkRDU Booking. The Authority will not be liable for any injury, damage to your property, or any special, indirect, or consequential loss, whether or not the Authority could have foreseen such loss.

16. Safety and Security
You must:
(a) Comply with all laws and all other requirements relating to safety and security;
(b) Comply with all parking signs, no parking zones and directions issued to you by the Authority;
(c) Drive carefully and responsibly in all ParkRDU facilities;
(d) Not cause any obstructions, including parking across or occupying more than one parking space;
(e) Not park in a designated handicap parking space without displaying a current handicap license plate or permit;
(f) Obey all directional and safety signs; and
(g) Park only in designated public parking spaces and not park in any area which is not designated as public parking.
The Authority may issue citations for violations of the Authority’s Ordinances or other applicable laws, rules, regulations for any parked vehicles within the ParkRDU facilities.
The Authority, its agents or its representatives may enter, move or tow away your vehicle for operational, safety or security reasons.  If the Authority has to tow your vehicle, you must pay our reasonable costs for towing, and storage of your vehicle, and any recovery costs, if applicable. Any vehicle left unclaimed in excess of 60 days may, in the absence of special arrangements with the Authority, be removed in accordance with the Authority’s Abandoned Vehicle Policy.

17. Contact Us
Any comments relating to the online booking system or the Authority’s ParkRDU facilities should be made in writing to the Authority at P.O. Box 80001, RDU Airport, NC 27623; through our website at www.rdu.com/feedback; or via email at rduparking@rdu.com.  In the case of an emergency while at RDU, call 919-840-2111.